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Foot light

Foot light


hard choice of beautiful wedding shoes, wedding dress will cover invisible?

wedding shoes will definitely be seen, even wedding long tail, there are occasional revealing tops when, you know, part of wedding shoes and wedding styling. May took wedding of when, wedding too long, will because cover of problem married shoes not easy was took to, even was took to, has what out embarrassing of, deal with PS repair off on good has, but JM are wants to wants to, wedding site can cannot PS Oh, a double beautiful decent of married shoes will with you spent very memorable of day, even was cover with see not to also than not carefully out embarrassing good Oh.


designing extravagant wedding shoes or going to choose?

what kind of wedding shoes like you see with what kind of wedding dress, wedding shoes, pair closely. If your wedding dress style is relatively simple in style, the wedding shoes you can buy complicated, fancy, you can add bows, lace, crystals, pearls, etc. However, if the wedding itself highlights the rich, it may wish to make wedding shoes do supporting roles, choose some classic style, white, Pearl White, off-white, pink, champagne, silver is a good choice.


wedding shoes show-so, Schwartz uncomfortable is not important?

the idea is wrong, wedding guests will have to stand a long time in fact, toast or something to go around, so the wedding shoes comfort cannot be ignored. Many of the shoes will pinch first recommended buying wedding shoes to wear for a few days, turn to something old. In Western tradition, can bring good luck in old stuff, might as well tries to look, is not really making good luck?


wedding shoes you must wear high heels?

high heels for its sexy, and elegant by bride are of praised, but high heels also may not be unified married shoes world, if bride originally on wear not to high heels, or figure too high, may wish to select cute of flats's, dress up fine of flats also as can wear out charm, but, must to remember, in wedding day, even not wear high heels, also to like wearing high heels as straight back, walking light.


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