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Wedding Banquet price surveys in XI ' an ordinary dinner prices 20%

Reporters in recent days visiting learned that with rising raw material and labor costs, Xian wedding prices are also rising, wedding table this year rose two hundred or three hundred Yuan.


survey   wedding table/up two hundred or three hundred Yuan this year


recently reporters for Xian Hotels Wedding price conducted a survey found that the majority of star hotel wedding prices are already up to "4000" table, hosted "1000" wedding banquet restaurants are few and far between.  


people of Xian Chang told reporters that he ordered the wedding May, when price is 1100 a table by July wedding hotels have risen to 1380 when a table, a table within a few months had risen 200~300.


"now, feast than last year, up almost the same specifications 20%, our five-star hotels are generally up 300~500 Yuan. "Sheraton Xian told reporters, the head of the Sales Department, while prices continue to rise, but the annual holiday is to marry peak schedule of reservation in the hotel is very tight now.


new   wedding even against losing


wedding prices has brought distress to many newcomers. Not long ago, in Nan er Huan hotel has just finished a wedding people Xiaolu told reporters that his banquet table was 1588, including tobacco, alcohol and sweets table costs around 1900. While his colleague got married two years ago, in Qujiang Hotel wedding, then 888 table, dish is relatively abundant, and colleagues are still made a killing. "I married set of that home restaurant also is is General of, each table minimum standard are rose to has 1388 Yuan", Xiaolu forget a pen account, do married banquet 30 table, total spent 57,000 yuan, plus wedding costs 6000 Yuan total overhead 63,000 yuan, and day received of gift only 51,000 yuan, "for married banquet price rose, do wedding also lost has 12,000 yuan".


Xiaolu's father wondered, before wedding savings money, but now catering quality, prices, wedding instead of money.  

Statistics   30 years catering prices times


people married Lady is the mid 80 's, she recalled, 80 reception in XI ' an universal price is 35~40 per table, "two thousand or three thousand now, unexpectedly, wedding price has doubled in just twenty or thirty years almost 100 times".


Zhang believes that social development, improving people's living standards, the wedding material and spiritual requirements are increased, wedding party follow up was understandable. However, rise too fast in recent years, from 2007 to the present four years, from 5,610 tables up to 1034, have risen more than 1 time.


reason   and increases in raw material prices


"wedding banquet prices and increases in inflation the main causes of increased raw material prices", Xian Feng Dong, President of the Association said the wedding industry, labor shortages, recruitment difficulties lead to cheap labour are increasingly hard to find, staff salaries paid to continuously improve, have become the cause of wedding prices.


"of course, this ' price of wind ' in promoting, there are some businesses caught people think marriage is ' once in a lifetime ' rite of traditional ideas and follow the trend of price increase. ”


strategy   consumer qugao wedding gave birth to "naked marriage"  


in an interview, said some people at the wedding banquet price increases under high pressure, under pressure, many young people changed the traditional wedding ideas are meant to "married Jane" and "naked marriage" group came into being.


"the age to marry, many of my colleagues and friends around have been married, some people choose to save money traveling wedding, banquet dinner on a small scale only close relatives on both sides, not too many complicated arrange so colleagues don't have to pack xiqian. "Work in the tax Department of the horse going to wedding ceremonies wedding banquet, travel wedding, honeymoon simple dinner for some immediate family members and friends.


"at present, there appears ' naked wedding ' is a phenomenon in society, but not mainstream. "Feng Dong believed that" naked marriage "will not become a marriage trends, only promote in accordance with the economic capacity of individuals within our capabilities. "' Naked wedding ' is also a young bear the pressure from economic burden and don't want to add to the parent's last-ditch move. "Feng Dong suggested that new people to want to save money, you might consider avoiding peak of 51, 11 year marriage. Affordable, customized, in line with their economic standards, as emotional as the main line, select brands relatively high quality hotels and wedding.


wedding banquet price: red envelopes to keep up


wedding banquet price, red envelopes to raise? Reporters learned that most of the people said the wedding gifts against the familiarity and relationships. "Ordinary 100~200, better 300~500 around". People of Xian Liu said, if I had married you a gift, then you add a little can; if not before, it depends on friendship and its own financial resources.


in addition, journalists in the survey also found that wedding gift became public a big payout, "debt of gratitude" pressure is not small. "I worked for three years, average participation in one or two weddings each month, most of the time one day to attend two weddings" public Guo estimated that he sent gifts million within three years.


Xian found in  8000 table sky-high Gallery


recently, the reporter visited the XI ' an city, several five-star Hotels found, the star hotel wedding prices are per table more than 3000 Yuan, would usually be plus 15% service fee, in the case of no drinks included, a feast common about 4000 Yuan.


Kempinski Hotel Xian chanba sales staff, now booking wedding lowest price is 3888 table, each table you want to add 15% service charge, of course, it is not the price of drinks. When a reporter asked if the price is too high, the official granted: "the price is not expensive, we do more than the most expensive wedding more than 8,000 yuan for a table. "" Services and dishes are more special and more luxurious, abalone, shark's fin, Eastern Star, big crab, lobster has one fo Tiao Qiang, these are must-have dishes ".


reporters also found in upscale communities, highlights the wedding of luxury, as a leading wedding company wedding celebration to be outdone. Xian pengyuan wedding staff said they had the most expensive weddings of up to 120,000, "wedding is a bottomless pit, how much money you have to put it in. "Xian Jia Li Yuan the wedding company staff briefed reporters, is now a feast has been unable to meet the needs of customers, often outdoors in the morning of a farm, interior of a field at noon, also had a special cocktail party or buffet in the evening party. In addition, the fleet of high-end wedding market is also very popular, convoy of 30 Mercedes can cost 50,000 yuan a day.


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