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Jilin new provisions late marriage employees may 12 days marriage leave

The Jilin province on population and family planning regulations (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) by the 11th session of the 27th meeting of the Standing Committee of the people's Congress of Jilin province on July 28, 2011 amendments adopted, amended the regulations take effect on September 1 this year.


remarried couples without children can be born


article 29th of the regulations provides that reached age decide not to get married and childless women can take legitimate medically assisted reproductive technique means the birth of a child. Citizens shall, fertility, advocating a couple one-child-only to encourage late marriage and late childbirth. Under a marriage delayed for more than three years at first marriage for marriage; couples age pregnancy after the birth of the first child late marriage age for females.


Ordinance 30th article provides, couples birth a children Hou, has following case one of of, can again birth a children: first a children disability, cannot growth for normal labor, but medical Shang think can again birth of; couples both are for child of; couples both are for 10 million following population of minority of; couples party of compatriots brothers sisters are no children and cannot birth of; by County above medical institutions identification, couples party patient infertility, adoption children Hou and recovery birth capacity of, Birth of a child.


31st article provides, couples both for rural villagers or in agricultural, and forest, and Mu, and fishery engaged in contracting business and no longer received wage of original workers and not enjoy town residents social security and welfare treatment of children, birth a children Hou, has following case one of of, can again birth a children: first a children is girl of; couples party for child of; man to woman family settled in and maintenance woman parents of; couples party for six level above disability soldiers of; live in border county (city, and district) of.


article 32nd, remarried couples remarry either childless or both parties of a child before, birth of a child.


late marriage against evidence of employees increased leave 12 days


Ordinance 49th article provides, late marriage of workers, by marriage certificate increased marriage leave 12 days; late of female workers, by a tire birth situation proved increased maternity leave 30 days, while give man nursing fake 7 days; late marriage late of workers, in enjoy marriage leave, and maternity leave, and nursing fake during, by its normal work treats, wage, and bonus reproduced, other welfare treatment not variable.


Ordinance 50th article provides, citizens accept family planning surgery respectively enjoy following preferential treatment: placed Palace within birth control device, rest two days, 7 days within not arrangements heavy manual; take Palace within birth control device, rest 7 days; ligation vas deferens, rest 15 days; ligation tubal, rest 21 days; pregnancy 28 week within terminated pregnancy of, according to pregnancy time rest 21 days to 42 days. Termination of pregnancy of more than 28 weeks pregnant, 90 days. These surgeries carried out two more, vacation together, treated according to their normal work during the vacation, salary, bonus pay, other benefits unchanged.


family planning certificate issued by   up to 30,000 yuan


Ordinance provides, has following behavior one of of, by County above population and family planning competent sector or health competent sector according to terms ordered corrected, give warning, confiscated illegal proceeds; illegal proceeds 70,000 yuan above of, at illegal proceeds twice times above four times times following of fine; no illegal proceeds or illegal proceeds insufficient 70,000 yuan of, at 70,000 yuan above 30,000 yuan following of fine; plot serious of, by original sent card organ revoked practice industry certificate; constitute crime of, Criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law: unlawful for others planning surgery using ultrasound technology and other technical means for others to engage in non-medical needs of the sex of the fetus or selective pregnancy termination; implementation of sterilization, medical expertise, and proof of family planning.


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