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Nanjing Qiao divorce ceremony service market have yet to be opened

Two days ago, wedding MC arley received a special order in Nanjing, a 30 year old couple for help to preside over a "divorce ceremony". Because he never presided over the ceremony, Allie had to master of ceremonies on the QQ Group "help",  soon led to a heated discussion.


"wedding ring" publicly "divorced hammers" smash


MC although many people QQ Group, but they are currently no experience, many people are feeling at the same time, offer help Allie. A MC offers in Shanghai "the Red House" served as master of ceremonies of the GAO calls late last year, the Gao Chenggong presided over a divorce ceremony.


arley dialed the phone of Mr. GAO said, probably under the influence of movies, if you are the one 2 ', late last year, he received two divorce ceremony wherever he goes. After you have reviewed a great deal of information, his positioning in the divorce ceremony "flat", "and" that highlighted peace and harmony.


to this end, he also made a "divorce hammer", under the witness of all, divorcing couples "divorced hammer," a symbolic "wedding rings" smashed, indicating that over the years "Farewell". Mr Gao said the so-called "hammer of divorce", is in fact a common hammer earlier, placed a printed yellow pears into 8 cm square, take "away" sounds like.


arley to collect them from high, after communicating with the divorced couple, had set up a programme. He said hopes his host, let the "old man" and relatives satisfaction.


B  why divorce ceremonies be stealthy


arley's help, the reporter contacted the "public divorce" of the generation. The woman surnamed gu, exactly 30 years old this year. She said, probably because of their schooling experience, appreciate some foreign dependance and calm when the couples break up, few of them would make a scene or visit each other.


Gu said that two people break up is the most important reason "blood melt." Two previous pregnancies, abortions because of the blood rushing. As an only child, the couple is shouldering the heavy responsibility of family. Therefore, while still young there are growth opportunities with each other and broke up a friendly agreement.


Gu said that a little movie, if you are the one to inspire, but so much pomp, both economic and psychological, can afford. She just wants to find a mini bar, and equally important, invite family and friends to witness the moment. She said that if no one has had a divorce ceremony in Nanjing, hoping to become the first "crab" person.


Gu argued that since the wedding ceremony can be arranged with much fanfare, and why divorce ceremonies have to be sneaky. At her insistence, some ex-husbands and relatives support her ideas. However, his parents made it clear that, refused to attend because it "can't afford it".


Gu said that receiving hosted phone, so many family members and friends say fresh and understanding. Few people even asked: should be sent "red envelopes" good or send "white envelopes". She said, determined not to accept gifts. Just smashed the ring link improvements for hand wearing a diamond ring worth 15,000 yuan, smacked him in pity. Only symbolically smashed a fake ring. After the divorce, my husband gave her part of the property and a diamond ring. Diamond rings on its own will not be worn on the ring finger, but will keep it as a souvenir. After all, two people living together for 5 years I still have feelings, not to "cut will" level.  

C 3 years ago presided over a divorce ceremony


Wang is actor performing arts group of Jiangsu Province, 10 years ago, and a few colleagues, "sea", opened a wedding company, hosted more than more than 200 weddings a year on average, in the industry can claim to be the "big brother". Heard of divorce ceremony in Nanjing, Wang smiled and said: "I presided over a divorce ceremony 3 years ago. Feng Xiaogang film perhaps my creativity. ”


Wang said that 3 years ago, after the son grew up to be a couple of Nanjing University, chose the calm to break up, especially in the circle of friends organized a bailaihao small "Patty", accepted the invitation of a friend, think it's kind of a novelty at that time.


Mr Wang says, I designed a drink jiaobeijiu links containing PEAR juice, take "divorce" sounds like. Parties that, even if the break up was not to be so ruthless, initiative to replace red wine PEAR juice. I thought the ceremony was good, not mournful atmosphere of thought, even when I put "a pair of old people" talk by mistake as "couples", the news with a tolerant attitude of people around, the parties even said humorously, we are about to start a new life of a "new man", and offered to set me free. I think divorce ceremonies occurred, also embodies the marriage of rational and open-minded.


D  traditional Chinese beliefs do not break so soon


found in in an interview with reporters, many wedding and ceremonies have made it clear that, despite the divorce ceremony service may have a certain amount of market demand, but will not take the initiative in the business or on the card labeled "divorce ceremony" label.


MC, du said, the end of August, will start a new round of wedding season, regardless of whether you divorce ceremony presided over, and won't tell anyone else. Traditional attitudes because people will not be so quickly broken, just like "Ma Ziming" bands only with funeral bundles together, could not appear in the ceremonies as. Is, after all, marriage market of the world at the moment, market to have a certain climate of divorce, at least 10 years. So it is for the sake of married couples and parents, people do great things are those arts are good luck.


wedding Association, Jiangsu Province, Lu said in a telephone interview with reporters, President, most of the wedding or master of ceremonies, taboo on divorce business. Only heard the wedding held a wedding and baby full moon wine, grasp a week of wine, 10 birthday celebration service, had not heard of marriage, divorce ceremony "one-stop" services. This shows that the divorce business market is still not open. But the divorce ceremony is a good thing, at least the modern city civilized, rational and friendly. Didn't have a saying called "sale is not Cheng Renyi" well, maybe two people not suited for couples, but for friends, some couples were divorced, because children need to be sensible and amicably.


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