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Shanghai modern wedding fair initiative new smoke-free wedding

"Love the creative" as the theme of the 2011 Shanghai modern wedding fair fall show will be held the 5th opened in the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Today, the hot marriage has been accepted by more and more young people, and more than a few couples think that wedding at high temperature "hot spots" higher. Because of this, journalist yesterday learned the wedding Expo organizers, "creativity" has become a "hot wedding" of the new theme, many wedding service companies will jointly launch of forty or fifty latest real creative wedding, a new "connections."


it is understood that today's wedding "ideas" from the wedding preparation, wedding arrangement has been extended to the new body "outfits". For example, the couple's choice of wedding photography is no longer simply choose "Photo Studio" or "Studio", price is not the most critical factor. New photographs of the people has become the connoisseur makes big Studio talking to small studios to work, through the increasing introduction of superb photography professional photographer, dress number, establish photography real base, development initiatives such as the exclusive location to enhance its hardware strength. At this modern wedding Expo at the meeting, in addition to more than 20 companies have "special" landscape and Visual Arts Studio outside the collective appearance, from Korea, and Japan and photography companies are joining for the first time, welcoming couples go to a local wedding-while-sightseeing, early look at "honeymoon".


Meanwhile, the couple appeared at the wedding style has also become an important criterion for judging whether creative. According to insiders, current wedding bride's makeup has been gradually rendered fashion, theming, exaggerated makeup out of the bride's favorite. For now, bride makeup more emphasis on changing the color, particularly fruit colors, Pearlescent face makeup will be very popular, and a variety of interesting topics makeup trend has become a trend that cannot be ignored. Makeup stylist will be more focus on wedding themes echo, to jewelry and wedding fashion sense to the mix to create a sweet bride. Even bold designers recommend marrying "bald" style, meaning "Bliss"; two haves makeup artist, please also be "rapidly getting older", to show the guests "old and young couples with" scene.


in addition, smoke-free wedding is gradually on the rise. With the "smoking ban", modern wedding Expo in Shanghai will join Shanghai wedding trade association, Shanghai, Shanghai Municipal tobacco control by the Health Association held joint initiative new "smoke-free wedding, embrace" wedding: the wedding, the bride does not put cigarettes without offering guests cigarettes, do not send and received cigarettes as gifts. Many newcomers think this initiative is very meaningful, smoke links to light candles or gift of green plants, promoting healthier living.


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