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Hot Shenyang evening wedding 5% wedding market share

With the advancement of age, many young people chose to break with tradition, wedding party scheduled to take place in the evening, this way you can save a lot of costs, and can add a romantic for your wedding. According to the Service Committee, Liaoning province, the latest data showed, evening wedding reception wedding market in Shenyang, have occupied more than 5% shares, and showing a gradual upward trend.  


wedding demand is very strong this year, many couples worry about failed to book a wedding, new people begin the evening wedding. Journalists visited Shenyang hotels understand that wedding this year same place, the same dish instead of wedding banquet in the evening, at least, 10%. Shenyang industry Chamber of Commerce, Feng said the celebration, evening reception at the time of the choice are free, do not have to be restricted by the weekend, you can choose during normal business hours, so that friends and family can after hours to attend the celebrations. "Wedding in the evening mostly foreign degree rise of young, who fashion, more receptive to new things, to challenge tradition, led by them, more and more young people choose to wed in the evening. ”


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