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Meizhou is committed to creating a high level international wedding halls

The afternoon of July 28, in Meizhou city, Guangdong Province, Deputy Secretary, Mayor Zhu Zejun Park research led a team to the world tourism industry. Zhu Zejun pointed out that, guest world to insisted to market for oriented, and to benefits for Center, highlight theme, and show features, based big Hakka, and oriented both at home and abroad, insisted people this of, and industrialization, and ecological of and international, high construction romantic wedding square, high build international Wedding Hall, started "romantic guest are, and Wedding Hall" brand, power Meizhou created culture tourism features district, speed up industry transformation upgrade pace, exploration mountain features development of road.


Vice Mayor Tang Kin-wah and Chen Lixia in Meizhou city, the Municipal Government Secretary General Li Yingling, directly under the relevant head of unit and other accompanying research.


after coming to the world, Zhu Zejun to the construction site of the project, planning, reporting, and project construction schedule, view the project development, guidance on how to promote more scientific projects. Then held a forum to hear about reporting in the world, and "customer as the core carrier, Meizhou wedding industry in the world," this big issue, lively discussion. Particularly rich in traditional Hakka marriage custom elements, based on the maximum original ecological, Meizhou, highlighting the Park theme, enhanced wedding industry attraction, as well as in ensuring project safety, participants put forward useful suggestions.


Zhu Zejun said that world Hakka cultural theme park in prominent to create the tourism industry based on recycled wedding culture industry, fast, heavy investment, motivated and full of vitality. Departments at all levels in accordance with regulations fully supports the growing wedding culture industry in the world, strengthen supervision, improve project efficiency, active, healthy and rapid development of the world provide quality and efficient services.


Zhu Zejun said, marriage is a life event, the wedding industry is the fashion industry, industry, market, the Outlook is good, small into invitation cards, wedding, wedding candy, your wedding ring, from honeymoon wedding registration, to Golden silver wedding anniversaries, long chain, good benefits. Meizhou is trying to build a "city of culture, leisure, design", development of unique wedding culture industry, to create a cultural tourist destination areas, accelerating industrial restructuring and upgrading is of great significance. Wedding industry to adhere to Government-led, with enterprises as the main body, with efficiency as the Center, market-oriented culture as the soul, ecological characteristics, based in Hakka, facing both at home and abroad, high starting point to building romantic wedding Plaza, level to create an international wedding halls.


wedding industry efforts in the future, Zhu Zejun raise five points. Is a clear market orientation. To local conditions, characteristics, play landscapes in Meizhou city human resources, wisdom of soliciting their views, invited expert scientific evidence around the "romantic, Wedding Hall" development goals, find the right position, close to the market, stick to high-end route. Second, focus on the development of "two big industry." Development of wedding culture industries on the one hand, aim at new consumer markets, research on the psychological needs of young people, provide personalized services, enhance cultural attraction. On the development of romantic happiness industry, aimed at older people wedding market, constantly planning projects, rich content, attracting older people in Meizhou, to enjoy the slow life. Third, adhere to "three combinations". Adhere to the traditional Chinese wedding culture with fashion wedding culture combines insist on Hakka culture and romantic wedding culture combines adhere to the tertiary and secondary industries combined, open thinking, bold plan, facilitate the development of wedding-related industries. Four is trying to achieve, "four." Insisted people, and dislocation consumption principles achieved "people this of", research the field crowd of wedding personality needs, provides diversified service, or art, and or warm, or simple, and or luxury, do "stereotyped by people"; according to benefits priority of principles achieved "industrialization", both do career, and more do industry, achieved culture creative and development manufacturing both; play landscape beautiful of advantage achieved "ecological of", to Mei rivers for beginning, and to guest world for core carrier, and extends to Gao Guanyin and hundred child OM, build by water and the mountain, and Wedding central axis from low to high, creating a world of water, a sea of flowers, dance halls; expanding markets "internationalization", consumer groups, project design, industrial operations are branded with an international element, not only meet the needs of local people, attracts guests at home and abroad. Five is the focus of "five". On the long term and also need to look at current, from five aspects, the first breakthrough, achieved through point break, promoted on the surface. First is the wedding Plaza, in ensuring the safe production based on low-cost push, high quality development. The second is to create the Wedding Hall, customer for the core carrier so that the international aisle extends to the whole concept of meicheng. Third Park is to create happiness through creative planning, giving meaning and construct "lover's Valley, a romantic garden, street fashion, galleries, Fu Lu, sweet love" theme of crafting projects. Part IV is art home to attract domestic and foreign well-known musician, painter, came to vacation, devote themselves to creation. V good job promotion through advocacy planning, just listen to the heart beat and moved. While international wedding culture Expo held each year, started the world famous brand of wedding culture.


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