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"Mobile micro-big screen" Wuhan wedding trends

"She is found in the vast sea, is clearly a margin of thousands of years ago and wish you both happiness and total harmonic planning", "two diamond ring of red balloons, a bunch of roses wedlock. Love holding hands, happy day "... ... Recently, a wedding scene in Wuhan stop scrolling message on the big screen, the wedding blessings are sent by a couple of friends using a mobile phone. This reporter has learned, it's popular "mobile micro-big screen" at the wedding of a kind.


wedding site of one planning personnel told reporter, past of wedding often is all guest are in Taiwan Xia see with new published testimonials, but guest are is cannot in wedding site everyone statement, now through "mobile meager big screen" this interactive platform, can let guest are participation to wedding among, phone user sent blessing short, and MMS to specified number, can let himself of blessing in activities site of big screen scroll broadcast, to achieved guests and new Zhijian of interactive. Distance can't come friends can also bring blessing to the site through this platform, provide a warm and interesting wedding, very popular amongst young people. One of the wedding guests said, "I have never before participated in the atmosphere is so warm, everyone involved in the wedding, I like it this way, when I got married, be sure to use!. ”


according to China Mobile, Hubei company parties, happy wedding short, MMS platform is developed specifically for wedding market needs, in fact this "moving small" as a platform for large-screen products are also widely used for large conferences, debates and fan club on campus, and other crowded places, for field staff to interact. In Hubei, this interactive approach to fashion has been applied in all kinds of nearly 200 events and received a warm welcome, users who currently experience the product in the province are mainly concentrated in Wuhan, has nearly 30,000.


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