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Tanabata-Jinan wedding jewellery to heat up

Chinese Valentine's day is approaching, diamond jewelry again. 29th correspondent visited Jinan diamond jewelry market, while diamond prices have soared this year, but sales did not decrease more than 30 minutes of drills but was more popular than ever.


since the first half of this year, international diamond offer has 8 times in a row, gained more than 30%. But in an interview with reporters, Kimberley, edge of the century sales staff said that different from diamond wedding ring more than 10 minutes before prevailing, now new people generally like to buy diamond rings around 20-30, prices in the 120,000 yuan each, including diamond rings and pendants for men and women "wedding package" is currently the most popular. "Diamond prices have risen this year, but people who buy drills more. "Edge of the century diamond sales, they said, many newcomers believe that diamond prices rise greater than gold, can appreciate.  


to the store to buy diamonds into Jinan new people new ways to buy a diamond ring. 29th, Ke LAN diamond store is located in qilu international building, reporters saw a lot of customers come to consult and try, they came in the brand's official website to see information about experience.  


Diamond shopping online sales model has always been to "price is half the Mall" as a selling point to attract customers, but recognition is not high. Because most consumers think that diamonds are expensive, shopping "unreliable". But Yong Wang, Ke-RAND Vice 29th told reporters that recent experience in Jinan store business is picking up, the monthly traffic of more than 600 people. Located in the same building of Dai Ouni diamond store manager said, in order for customers to rest assured that they can accompany customers to the local testing agency for diamond review, after passing the review before purchase.  


national gold and diamond products quality supervision and inspection center of Jinan workers Madam Ding told reporters, after they have received a lot of buy diamond jewelry online to test consumers, judging from the overall test results are satisfactory. However, she warned consumers online and in the store to buy the diamonds, watch when buying authority certificates, such as inspection certificates or GIA certificate and so on.  


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