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Tips area wedding channel strategies

Clear product positioning and targeted


China wine news   wedding reception channels of different other channels, demand for the product is rather special. Liquor manufacturer to customer psychology, first of all on the product positioning clear. Chinese wedding traditions are mainly in red, so the manufacturer when developing product whether outsourcing or the bottle to red and festive. Second price, after analysis and market research, regional situations differ, varying levels of consumption, the wedding wine quality requirements are also different. But as a regional market, wedding outside of national wines and paperback wine, with wine, is generally divided into three grades: 100-148 RMB/bottle for the high-end consumer, 60-80/bottle for the mid-range consumer, 20-45/bottle for the middle and low consumption, below 20 RMB/bottle for low consumption. Manufacturers wishing to conduct in-depth research, develop the right product to meet local wedding market price. Product name must meet the wedding atmosphere and ambience. And the capacity to be dominated by local consumption habits, but the principle is not too high, volume control in 500ML as much as possible.


layout of the market to clear


careful observation, you'd find out, basically wedding customer's choice of wedding reception is "one-stop shopping", that is, soft drinks, cigarettes, seeds, wedding wine will want to complete a Terminal purchase.


Meanwhile, wedding wine as spamming is not realistic. Therefore, manufacturers and distributors according to the regional market analysis and screening customers. City and County to choose the main wedding channel and sufficient ancillary products (beverages, cigarettes, etc) core terminal or a second batch, towns, and villages to precise positioning, a village only to find a customer, give them a sufficient profit space. Market price, hit price behavior does not occur at the same time, these customers wedding wine as their profits would also be positive recommendations and actions.


broader information collection and timely


wedding reception is generally divided into two forms of hospitality, hotel contractors and their contractors.


customers to the hotel reservation two months in advance, and there were no identifying wine. This requires manufacturers and distributors to collect customer information, available through the lobby of the hotel managers, staff or promoters of such information. Customers usually leave behind, such information can be targeted according to customer relations.


for their own customers in rural areas, need public relations Center, core generally rural self-reception of red and white board members or cadres led to firmly seize the central character. Win this part of the core group, later to be tracked, basically you can lock local wedding channel. Companies must establish their own wedding, professional development, maintain the wedding channel.


promotions to innovative, flexible


wedding customer's situation is different, the demand for services is different, so, again clients need mental stimulation. There are several General: 1 drink, articles from Chinese alcohol cigarettes and other wedding accessories are customer needs, so you can buy wedding wine take get these accessories. 2, some customers might demand for cars is relatively high, then we can buy wedding wedding car activities. 3, manufacturers can make the wedding supplies such as Rainbow, DHS and free promotional use. 4, joint major wedding photo studio, and they signed a cooperation agreement at its in-store promotions, customer wedding at the same time, describes wedding wine promotions--that part with a number of wedding gifts wedding cost, and so on. Because the wedding channel's special, so promotions must reflect flexibility and grasp of consumer psychology.


service to follow up


products must pay a return visit after the sales, development follow-up buying and product reputation spread. Take customers, strengthen customer maintenance, its awareness-raising and recommending products. Such areas or units can be set off one by one and finally the wedding channel overall pop.


wedding markets both for sales and are very obvious effect on brand communication. So the manufacturer or dealer must pay attention to this role. According to local conditions, in-depth market research and analysis, implementation of effective marketing policy, the potential market will be able to smooth progress and development.

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