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DV production planning "money" King watch

With DV production is widely used in home entertainment, corporate publicity, conferences, education and training, and festive activities and other fields, operated in the DV card will become a new profession, people of Jinan Wang yiping is a DV  wedding planning and production Division.


"hold me for a while, get out right away. "24th economic Herald reporters, Wang yiping was busy making a new love story of DV.


"I like this job. "Wang yiping said," usually primarily for some married couple filming love story, and then played at the ceremony, or love story and wedding scenes were carved DVD  CD clips, let the couple for friends and relatives. Occasionally as some come to make simple video resume, take a promo for some companies. ”


"the look is very simple, with DV shooting difficulties this work on machinery and equipment and personal software applications have very high requirements. "Wang yiping said.


according to what he said, DV wedding planning and production engineers are generally familiar with photography, multimedia or audio-visual, most should not only have video, nonlinear editing, traditional clip, Director of knowledge, also have complete knowledge, professional skills training.


"in the couple's love story, for example, each of the couple's courtship is different, DV production design varies according to their experiences, and then use a different approach depending on the time and place to shoot. "Wang yiping, explained.


he says to complete a good DV works, involving aspects of film and television production, film director knowledge and DV program planning, DV camera technology and lighting technology expertise, non-linear editing technique and special knowledge, knowledge, DV video clips production processes and specifications, DV output and CD burning technology.


"the wedding photography industry's potential is very large, ' ' King good. "Wang yiping said the industry well in a foreign country, and the industrialization of China's civilian shorts too low. "Currently on the market there are companies engaged in similar business, but mostly with a home DV wedding shoot, edit level is not high. If you do fine, high-end route, some great markets. ”


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