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Many couples want to have a Grand wedding, warm, but don't have the time, or lack of experience. Today, the wedding market has a variety of professional people, they prepared everything for the couples. New people to enjoy a memorable wedding you can have.


wedding facilitator


"Kiss my bride, you are the most beautiful bride I really, I am your life bar does not come loose the silly duck. Thousands of years of waiting is long, as long as they can always walk hand in hand with you ... ... "accompanied by the Compere affectionate score recitation, the groom and bride in gazing at each other, drinking glasses of wine. Streamers flying, Qifang Fireworks and bursts of applause.


the wedding, a wedding host, please add, has become a wedding occasion an indispensable item at the moment. Recently, countries have officially announced the inclusion of wedding hosts new jobs. Wedding of "soul" is the host. A wedding the success depends to a large extent, the overall quality of the host and the ability to play it. Wedding facilitator should have a good ability to independently planned and presided over strong verbal and written expression, personal communication, access to information and basic analytical and problem-solving capacity; to understand the basic rules of etiquette in China and abroad, have high cultural qualities. Officiating at the wedding, funny, vivid and avoiding vulgar, rude language, but also to absorb the essence of traditional culture, from play due to not understand folk.


signed a contract with the guests, wedding host needs according to the customer's requirements, develop projects, arrangement of decorations of the wedding process, and so on. Then there's the wedding scene, the Director to coordinate all aspects of relations, and strive to make the entire wedding more fulfilling, lively and warm. "Marriage is an event in one's life, the host to properly grasp the rhythm, the atmosphere of the wedding and the process, make the wedding everyone feel happy and comfortable. "A wedding host said.


wedding planner


today, the pursuit of unique, personalized, and even alternative wedding, urban couples pursue. A wedding planner can help them achieve their aspirations. Wedding Planner, is the best for new staff. Because they know how to methodically arrange marriages, and devised creative design, impressive wedding.


planning a wedding is like directing a movie, through scripting, planning, execution and other steps, coupled with a Director, juwu, which also must communicate with new people constantly, seeking to dig out the best highlights. Xu to be married on the wedding process had no idea, so I had to discretionary wedding "package". "But I still want to make your own wedding unique, hope the wedding company more good ideas. ”


specializing in wedding planning wedding memories. "1 metre-high basket covered with a large ' Double Happiness ' red cloth, over more than 100 friends and family look forward to onlookers at the scene, hot-air balloon slowly lifted off carrying the groom and the bride, and all the friends and relatives looked through his telescope new four-eyes met at an altitude of 30 metres away, drink wedlock. "Zhang said," there was a couple engaged in literary work staged a musical. Background music, Dim lighting, and master of ceremonies ' voice-over ', new dance, exaggerated body language interpretation from when they first met, fell in love, until the process of exchanging rings, drink wedlock. ”


good wedding planning using advanced and luxurious elements, is more important to detail fuss, making guests feel the couple's unique mind. Only one infiltrated the cultural idea of the wedding is really moving the wedding. Or form to do well, just goes through the motions.


industry insiders said, only joint special creative talents, study and understand the etiquette, traditions, customs and cultural elements in a vital role in the wedding, and improve the quality of industry-wide, in order to meet market demand, firmly grasp the opportunities of creative wedding market.


career sent people


many who are still fresh, send wedding invitations is a very troublesome thing, almost all newcomers to this complaint. Sent to a a, a a, one or two tables of course, but if it is more than 10 20, hundreds or even dozens of tables, their workload is understandable.


Fortunately is now appear professional to send people, the bride and groom can pay a running toll, there is someone on your behalf to send invitations to each guest's hands.


the couple sent out hundreds of invitations, require a lot of effort, time, now young people more and more busy with work, not to mention during the wedding, if all the new-a hands-on approach to every site send invitations too much. This is to professional post a reason for existence.


sending post is an arbitrary, monitoring difficult to "small logistics" business, to be accepted by the market, the key is set up to send person's trustworthiness. Current guests still have concerns, sent charging is generally after receiving or first half, and each of the invitations after the service of the other party to sign the receipt.


Secretary of the bride


bride Secretary of the so-called, refers to the couple's personal assistant, helps couples complete wedding services all need to be addressed in the process. Recently arranged a wedding he and his wife had just said, from setting a wedding date from the day they are cumbersome and began the process of wedding planning, I still feel powerless. Later, they hired a "Secretary of the bride", starting from preparatory to supplies to the wedding feast, send out invitation dinner to toast thank again to welcome guests and friends, "Secretary of the bride" as a married Assistant, image design, etiquette guidance and psychological counselling and other multiple roles.


Secretary of the bride are generally tall, education, physical appearance and language requirements, and some time on receiving professional training. As a key to the Secretary of the bride has an affinity, affinity can and the couple talk about anything, to know the couple's intentions. Affinity, how to cultivate, a smile is the first step. "Must be like seeing someone else, tell the bride, you are in good faith, this secretariat is qualified. "The bride Secretary Anissa Wong said, the guests after signing the contract, there will someone prepare for you plan everything. And a few days before the wedding and the day lets you have Assistant "stars", there was a personal Secretary to bride service, responsible for take care of everything for you wedding. Secretary of the bride the whole process just one deal can, told the Secretary of the bride wedding date, wedding locations and need something special, next to the bride Secretary of all was OK. "Each attend a wedding ceremony, the bride and groom looked nervous rush in helping me plan, happy together, I think his work is fun and meaningful. ”


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