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Festival newcomers clustered auspicious wedding hot

Chinese Valentine's day this year coincided with the Saturday, attracting many newcomers in the "Chinese Valentine's day" get together to marry, take the "magpie bridge", send proper fruit, bridge design, let the Chinese Valentine's day wedding poems.


"Tanabata day to 9 couples wedding. "Hei ren full wedding Director yesterday lamented, this year's qixi China's Valentine's day is August 6," auspicious days ", also coincides with the day off on Saturday to avoid fire. Wedding of Zhuang Chinese Valentine's day, the same day received 6 orders for weddings, is the most popular Chinese Valentine's day in recent years, "Chinese Valentine's day in previous years mostly working days, not convenient for guests to the ceremony, few couples wedding."


and many local restaurants and hotels also said Chinese Valentine's day, weddings have been difficult to get a table, has a new book last year to put on this day wedding, hotel 6 branch added up to book a total of more than 1400 multi-table wedding banquets.


full wedding introduced Chinese Valentine's day, weddings are mostly integrated into the Chinese elements, such as set up artificial "magpie bridge", arranging new "bridge meet" lighting,  bridesmaid Gregorian calendar. There are new friends will be invited on stage to recite poems of Tanabata, Tanabata proper fruit cakes as wedding cakes or wedding gift.


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