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Riders will occupy Wuhan wedding car market offers more affordable

"The day of the wedding, I would like to have cars around my community to stop a circle, a water red Cruz, that's called a fan! "November wedding is still 3 months away, but the thought of that scene, and prospective bridegroom Liu Wei will harp on the Group of friends in the car. A circle around the community, what car? He curled his: "about fifty or sixty. All my friends Group of the Group of friends to help. ”


"60 cars exactly the same car"


car club to seize car market in Wuhan; 20% lower than the market price; the launch of wedding cars guide


October 4 "need 1 red and 5 white wedding cars, within 4 hours, 60 km of the city, 500 yuan each, are willing to go to the list of threads in a group. "Recently, the QQ Group of Wuhan, Audi A4 Club bulletin was updated yesterday, 3 owners have signed up.


many cars has its own Club of Wuhan QQ Group, usually Exchange car experience, organization and activities, model unity, many riders will gradually become a contender in the car market in Wuhan.


Audi A4 in Wuhan Club Group of friend "Chou 007" scheduled to be married in September, ordered friends group must form a wedding convoy. Group of friends have answered: all A4, but must enjoy the treatment rooms of the wedding! In order to unify when even the wind, the Club has developed a unified logo, and row number.


who lives in gutian, originally from Jiangxia Hu Wenmin last July when he got married, had felt the enthusiasm of drivers. When Hu Wenmin got married last year in their own QQ Group Geely Panda Club statement, invited the bikers to the wedding, many respondents did not expect. "Wedding day more than more than 30 colorful Geely Panda, mighty pulled out hundreds of troops, plus models very cute cute, that effect must compare 8 cars much more cool. Personalized fashion that feels very good. "Hu Wenmin said car faithful passion her wedding shine.

bikers as "bearers" are booked six months in advance


reporter to bikers joined the Wuhan Cruze car audience. "I've got a buddy to marry, and asked the wedding company, rent a good expensive, can hold a field? "Journalists thrown car demand. Soon, the Group of friends began to respond: "wedding for what time? "" How many cars are needed? "" Who lives where? "Talked for a while, one of the Administrator's group have begun a private chat with reporters.


"the wedding is early, in September. ”


"our wedding cars already by October, no late bus, is now engaged to 3-6 months in advance. I'll have a look at the schedule. "Talking to reporters found that the Group of friends to the wedding car market very well. "The car we have, see what your friend wants."


same as the wedding car hire, the Group introduced each model car club has a clear pricing, there are discounts in different periods. "General car, day labor is 4 hours and 60 km of the city, beyond any one, extra charge, fee includes manual, oil money. Talking after the signing of the contract ".


car club car offers more "gentle"


in addition to fashion complex, and some consumers car club car, is affordable. Reporter consulting over the wedding company, full wedding company employee said, and Lincoln, BMW 7-series, Mercedes-Benz x main car, respectively in 2000~4000 under car prices are lowest in the Beijing modern, around 400 Yuan, up to 4000 Yuan. Wuhan knot wedding company staff, Audi A6 price is 600 Yuan, the Honda Accord of 400 Yuan, Lantra 300 yuan.


and contacted a Honda Accord Car Club official said, except for Honda, a car club can provide consumers with a variety of teams, prices cheaper than the wedding 20%, can be interviewed.


find drivers for vehicle, pay attention to avoid risks


riders enthusiastic, the fare is cheaper, but convoy car bikers, there are certain risks.


a private car fees when cars, red envelopes with new charges are to be "business" income, sometimes don't know if management survey, stakes are high. Second, regardless of charge, dozens of cars and mighty, in case of traffic accidents on the road, the couple must be partly to blame. Therefore, if the couple are looking for bikers as "bearer", to think clearly, avoiding risks in advance.


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