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Longer cars hidden security risks without modification-free insurance

Was married in the summer peak period, new people within the hotel offer dozens of tables outside the dinner guests, they have to lease a luxury stretch cars brace face. Recently, police departments to combat illegal wedding cars has been increased, the inside story of those cars were also uncovered. The reporter learns, longer luxury wedding cars are small works cut body, welded steel beams on variable-length.


a long car   to make 200,000 a year


24th, the reporters came to da Zhi Street, Nangang district in Harbin a wedding etiquette company, says getting married would like a decent car. Reporter King who claims to be a manager of the warm reception, turn on the computer showing some bar full of flowers wedding car pictures, told reporters and married are now lengthened Hummer pledge car, luxury, high grade, certainly adds to the wedding. When asked about the prices, Wang says: "local jieqin basic 2 hour is enough, the price is 3000 Yuan, if necessary using morning is 5000 Yuan, wedding season is now no room for bargaining. "When a reporter offered to vehicle clearance, Wang said impatiently:" you hire figure is face of marriage, there is no formality doesn't matter to you, there also is a price, want to see procedures impossible. ”


"profits! These two words. "For many years operated the wedding company in Harbin, Chan said. "A converted Hummer wedding cars earn a minimum of 200,000. A Hummer with no handling, about 10.2 million to buy hand, spent 50,000 yuan long refit. A luxury extended car cost 15.25 million Yuan within six months can earn it back. Wedding market in Harbin that lengthen the car according to the old and new cars, priced between 3000-5000. Even a car over the weekend, two days twice weekly earnings between 6000-10000 RMB monthly incomes between 20,000-40,000 yuan and 200,000-400,000 yuan each year. Removing costs such as labor, fuel and low season high season price differentials, the first years back to have a surplus, the second year after year to make 200,000 yuan fine. ”


industry insiders Mr Wang told reporters: "Hashi added Hummer wedding cars and other brand cars a few wedding companies themselves, and some are in private hands. More than more than 200 wedding company in Harbin has probably more than 1000 sets of wedding cars, longer cars more than more than 100 units, half of these vehicles there is no legal procedure, longer vehicles in the city outside the small works secretly cut body, welded on a steel beam long. " 

long stretch Hummers smaller works are long


journalists in contact with the industry found a stretch Hummer owner. 25th, reporters in Harbin daoli district saw a white stretch Hummer, owner Lee told reporters, "this car take 160,000 last year bought back in the field, outside the refit extended quality will have absolutely no problem, without any formalities, sincere to buy 200,000 fixed. "Journalist drill into the bottom of the car, saw the body was neatly cut into two parts, cutting positions at both ends did with two 5-meter steel load-bearing welded, welding position had rotted away.


then journalists came to the city traffic Police Department, in the parking lot to see the detained nearly 20 Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Cayenne and other illegal cars. A black stretch Hummer car attracted the attention of journalists, according to field technicians introduced, this car is a typical artificial extended car. Journalists under the guidance of technicians saw the cars original front and rear Center has been cut in half, separated by steel beams, iron and leather to create a car about 5 metres in length, train connections were cut on both sides of the front and rear, after welding the car even "factory". Technicians introduced on these modified extended inside the vehicle if 8-10 adults, the body will break, is likely to result in a serious traffic accident. And these modified vehicles without legal formalities, insurance in not, if there is an accident last damaged or hire new people.


no formalities   weddings were stopped on the road


people in only a few days ago after holding the wedding of Mr Wang told reporters: "the wedding day and I love sitting in the Mercedes-Benz on a float of the etiquette book, just in front of hotel, the car was detained by traffic police on duty because the car without any legal formalities. 1500 rental cars are set free right of way vehicle. "It is understood that the public security traffic management Bureau in Harbin special operations unit, was set up in May car renovation, up to now has been to seize illegal vehicles more than more than 40 units.


control car action team, city traffic police force Brigade squadrons Lieutenant Li Guanyi, told reporters: "the traffic police in the fight against these illegal cars due to touch upon the interests of others in the process, sometimes abuse or even violence against law by the parties. In terms of punishment for these illegal car, Li Guanyi said: "in accordance with the road traffic safety law was amended on May 1 after the new regulations, violations of the use of forged or altered vehicle license plates, except for fined 2000 Yuan, also accompanied with a fine 15th the following administrative detention. Wedding car was unable to produce the regular procedure, such as smuggling, robbery and modified cars, the police will be investigated for criminal liability of owners of motor vehicles will be confiscated. ”


expert: luxury car cannot support a face-saving tacky


according to some of the wedding industry insiders, extended car like this in other cities in the country, no one has used, but is market in Harbin, and Northeast people love, vanity is not unrelated. However, such extended car is full of cheesy does face is exposed?


Song Kui, a researcher at think and the Academy of Sciences in Heilongjiang province, city people are so keen to use an extra long car is actually a lack of culture, but also a lack of confidence. No matter how luxurious wedding does not represent a happy marriage, two people get along well or not and how much jewelry feast a few seats, no association at all, let alone a long wedding car. Not only credit, but exposed the couple's taste. But these vehicles on the road through the heavily polluted city traffic environment, which in fact need not, newcomers should focus more on quality of marital life.


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