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Push the flower markets in Beijing to meet Chinese wedding bouquets show

Purple dream, Ally McBeal, star ... ... The morning of 27th, a chic wedding bouquet Hua Xiu staged in Beijing Lai Tai flower market a wide variety of bridal bouquets to synchronise with Europe, not only the site of the new people's eyes light up, also the qixi Chinese Valentine's day prelude.


reporters on the scene, although only a wedding bouquets show, but in order to fully demonstrating the different styles of each holding flowers, field hands the bouquet stage models are also deliberately wearing all kinds of wedding gowns and dresses, the whole flower show has turned into a flowing wedding show. The show exhibited a total of 28 hand bouquet, by 14 groups of models in the Lai Tai flower Hall put up the temporary runway rotate in pairs.


reporters found that compared with the bouquet on the market, this bouquet is unique in the design of the show, dot designers through a number of small details, such as add ornaments such as in a bouquet, for individual holding flowers won a stunning light effects. In addition, the show's 28 used in bouquets of flowers category than there has been a significant increase in the past, such as sunflowers, butterfly orchids, pink roses, Calla, and even some bouquets also include cherries and other fruits in embellishment.


it is understood that the bouquet flowers are different, the price is different. Show the European synchronous bouquet costs mainly in the 260 to 560. Reporters learned from the Lai Tai flower market, from September 1, 2011 to October 30 in the new Bureau of issuing marriage licenses, marriage certificates and identity cards on both sides, Lai Tai flower free hand, to spend a bundle.


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