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Budget weddings jewellery consumption in Shanghai nearly 20,000

Ring, ring, gold jewelry ... ... Get married while many young people say pressure, but new people spend on wedding jewelry consumption has not declined as a result. In the recently released 2011 Shanghai new modern wedding fair wedding on the consumer trends report, Eastern reporter noted, more than 60% people said buy jewelry budget was set at 10,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan, and Shanghai new wedding jewellery purchasing average expenditure is about 20150.


according to new marriage jewelry of procurement including on ring, and ring, and gold jewelry, of purchase, network survey displayed, 63.8% of new will purchase jewelry of budget costs set in 10,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan, 17.6% of new is will budget set in has 30,000 yuan above, over 24% of by visit new said will select 1 carats above of ring, high-end market of consumption heat continues to keep.


and different is, selling traditional gold jewelry wedding jewelry market this year than in previous years, the survey showed that more than half of the newcomers said they would buy gold jewelry. Many couples, "said jewelry with Chinese characteristics", for example, gold bracelets, necklaces, and match qipao Chinese dress, can express a strong sense of wedding and Grand. So many newcomers in the select diamond ring, the ring will also furnish your own wedding gold jewelry, give parents or for personal use, both beautiful and preserve both align the United States.


given gold jewelry of hot, August 5 to 7th is in Shanghai Exhibition Center held of 2011 Shanghai modern married Bo will (autumn) exhibition, special and Shanghai gold jewelry industry association teamed up held "2011 marriage jewelry famous design exhibition", special invited old Phoenix CHEUNG, the features jewelry enterprise site show "shop of treasure" and teacher design of marriage creative works, to highlights this married Bo will "love • creative" of exhibition theme.

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